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Ilha de Moçambique

Ilha de Moçambique Landscape

The Mozambique Island is an island city located in the Province of Nampula in northern of Mozambique which gave the name of the country which was the first capital. Due to its rich history, as manifested by an interesting architectural heritage, the island was considered by UNESCO in 1991 the World Heritage of Humanity.

The island is about 3 km long and 300-400 m wide and is oriented northeast-southwest towards the entrance of the Bay of Mossuril, at a latitude of approximately 15 º 02 ‘S and longitude 40 º 44’ E. The east coast of the island down to the sister islands of Goa and Sena (also known as Island of Snakes) the Bay of Mozambique. These islands and the coast nearby, are of coralline origin.

Architecturally, the island is divided into two parts, the “city of stone” and “city of macuti,” the first of about 400 buildings, including the major monuments, and the second in the southern half of the island, about 1,200 homes of poor construction. However, many houses of stone are also covered with macuti.

The Island of Mozambique is linked to the mainland by a bridge about 3 miles long, built in 1960.

Maximum average temperature (° C) is 29 in the month of September.

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